11.Sep.2017 | ID: 113882

Davide Guarneri and Davide Soreca Italian Champions in E1 and EJ

The Honda-RedMoto World Enduro Team had an amazing last round (eighth and ninth day) of the Italian Enduro Championship, run this weekend at Trichiana (BL).

Davide Guarneri was crowned the new E1 class Italian Champion thanks to one first and one second position both in E1 and in the Overall standing. That’s his first enduro title since he left MXGP at the end of 2015. He has grown as an enduro rider during the 2016 season, and this year he ruled his class getting seven victories and two second position on nine races. In addition, he got the third position in the Overall standing.

It was also a great race for Davide Soreca, who became the new EJ champion. Twice first in his class, in the Overall Soreca finished in the top five on Saturday and third on Sunday.

It was a race with ups and downs for Giacomo Redondi in the E2 class as last year's EJ Championship made the step-up in 2017. On Saturday he struggled to find the pace, finishing second in E2 class and tenth overall. On Sunday he came through winning E2 and finishing second in the Overall with a crash.

The Honda RedMoto World Enduro Team and its partners are well and truly leaders of the Italian Championship.

The next race is the British GP, the seventh round of the EnduroGP World Championship, scheduled on September 23rd-24th at Hawkstone Park.