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13.Jul.2018 | ID: 135301
Honda and Panasonic to Begin Research Experiment on Battery Sharing Using Detachable Mobile Batteries and Electric Motorcycles in Indonesia
27.May.2018 | ID: 131599
Honda’s Newest State-of-the-Art, Environmentally Responsible Aircraft Features Increased Range, Updated Avionics Suite and Enhanced Cabin Amenities
03.Apr.2018 | ID: 128041
Honda Motor Europe has announced that Tom Gardner is to be appointed as Senior Vice President from April 2018, responsible for European sales performance across all of Honda’s product divisions.
28.Mar.2018 | ID: 128010
ANA HOLDINGS INC. (ANAHD) and Honda Aircraft Company announced today that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for a strategic partnership supporting the expansion of the business jet market around the globe by using Honda Aircraft’s technologically advanced HondaJet.
01.Mar.2018 | ID: 126953
Honda Motor Europe has announced it will supply its state-of-the-art Power Manager units as part of the EV-elocity consortium project in the UK. The project aims to demonstrate the business case for Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technologies across a variety of UK locations, to help businesses and electric car owners recognise how they can harness, store and use surplus renewable energy with a commercial benefit.
17.Jan.2018 | ID: 124854
Honda Motor Europe has joined the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA). Representing Europe's car, van, truck and bus manufacturers, ACEA works to ensure the economic, environmental and social sustainability of the automobile industry in Europe.
09.Jan.2018 | ID: 124502
Six technology start-ups are partnering with Honda Xcelerator at CES 2018 to demonstrate technologies that have the potential to transform mobility, focusing on challenges posed by autonomous vehicles and advanced connected cars. At its Global Innovator Showcase at CES 2018, Honda is featuring partnerships with BRAIQ, DeepMap, DynaOptics, EXO Technologies, Tactual Labs, and WayRay.
09.Jan.2018 | ID: 124501
Honda introduced its new 3E (Empower, Experience, Empathy) Robotics Concept at CES 2018, demonstrating a range of experimental technologies engineered to understand people’s needs and make their lives better. Through a suite of robotic concepts expressing a variety of functions and designs, Honda shared its vision of a society where robotics and AI can assist people in many situations such as disaster recovery, recreation and learning from human interaction to become more helpful and empathetic.
07.Dec.2017 | ID: 124207
Honda robotics, artificial intelligence, and energy solution concepts engineered to advance mobility and improve people’s lives
07.Dec.2017 | ID: 124192
In efforts to establish automated driving technologies to realise a collision free society, Honda R&D Co., Ltd., the R&D subsidiary of Honda Motor Co., Ltd., has signed a 5-year joint research and development contract with SenseTime Group Limited, a China-based IT company with strengths in the area of AI technologies.