21.Jul.2016 | ID: 75857

Honda to Begin Joint Research Project with Softbank in the area of Artificial Intelligence

  • Joint research looks to strengthen open innovations of AI technologies
  • AI technology in combination with cameras and sensors looks to engage drivers’ emotions
  • Open innovation project supported by opening of Honda R&D Innovation Lab in Tokyo


Honda R&D Co., Ltd., a wholly owned R&D subsidiary of Honda Motor Co., Ltd., today announced that it will collaborate with SoftBank Crop on a joint research project on application of “emotion engine”, an artificial intelligence (AI) technology that allows mobility products to generate their own emotions. The “emotion engine” allows mobility products to evolve while sharing various experiences with their drivers. The technology has been developed by cocoro SB Corp., a SoftBank Group Company.


Through the joint research project, Honda and Softbank aim to perceive the drivers’ emotions and engage in dialogue with the driver based on the vehicles own emotions based on information obtained from various sensors and cameras. The project looks to add even more value to mobility devices and the drivers’ daily lives, whilst developing a deeper bond between the driver and the mobility product.


This joint research project with SoftBank will be one of the open innovation initiatives Honda will pursue in the area of AI technologies. To support this, Honda announced earlier this year that it will be opening the Honda R&D Innovation Lab Tokyo, that will focus on research and development of intelligent technologies.


Honda is committed to the development of AI technologies with the target of creating new relationships between people and mobility products.