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Honda to introduce first products in new cordless handheld lawn and garden range powered by high-performing 56-volt DC battery technology

Honda to introduce first products in new cordless handheld lawn and garden range powered by high-performing 56-volt DC battery technology
  • Honda announces the first releases in its new range of cordless handheld lawn and garden products
  • A hedge trimmer, lawn trimmer and leaf blower will be on sale in Honda dealers from March 2016
  • Products use 56-volt DC battery technology for high performance, long run-time and fast charging

Honda will introduce the first products in its new cordless handheld range for Europe in March 2016. Powered by 56-volt DC battery technology, the range will be manufactured by leading international power tools specialist, Chervon.

The first entrants to the line-up will be a hedge trimmer, lawn trimmer and leaf blower, marking Honda’s entry into the fast-growing battery-powered handheld Lawn & Garden market and extending its line-up beyond four-stroke petrol power for the first time.

The introduction of the new range comes at a time of a clear move towards battery-powered Lawn & Garden products in the marketplace. By using 56-volt DC battery technology, Honda can offer the customer high performance, long run-time and fast charging. Honda’s aim in introducing the new range is to widen the appeal of its brand by offering more choice to suit customer’s needs and preferences.

Manufactured by Chervon, Honda’s new cordless handheld leaf blower and lawn trimmer have been subject to further enhancements by Honda engineers, adapting technologies to ensure compliance with European regulation. The range will be branded in the familiar Honda red, common to all of Honda’s handheld Lawn & Garden products.

New product information

The hedge trimmer features a dual-action steel blade, laser-cut for smooth, precise operation. The diamond-ground surfaces provide clean, accurate cutting for a neat finish and healthy regrowth. 

The lawn trimmer gives safe, precise cutting, through the use of a nylon cord with an automatic feed system. The trimmer is equally suitable for edging, or clearing long grass and overgrown areas.

Quiet, lightweight and compact, the leaf blower is specified with a powerful turbine fan creating a 120 mph airstream. Perfect for clearing lawns, paths, patios and driveways, or tidying up after hedge-trimming.

To accompany the new products Honda will also offer a choice of two batteries – a 2.0 Ah and a 4.0 Ah 56-volt lithium-ion unit. Two speeds of charger will also be available, with the fast charger able to fully charge the 2.0 Ah battery in as little as 25 minutes.


 Pierre Vallet, General Manager of Honda Motor Europe Power Product division comments: “By partnering with a specialist in battery technology such as Chervon we are confident that we have some of the very best performing cordless handheld products on the market.While many customers need the capability, performance and power of petrol-powered handhelds, others with less demanding gardens prefer the convenience and usability of battery-powered products, making this a natural move for Honda to extend its product range to a wider customer base.”

Honda’s new handheld range will be offered across its entire European Lawn & Garden sales network from March 2016. Pricing will vary by country, and the range will carry a two-year warranty, consistent with all other products in Honda’s Lawn & Garden range.




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