23.May.2017 | ID: 107951

HondaJet sets speed record and celebrates bestseller status in first quarter

  • Honda’s advanced light jet sets new Miami-Panama speed record
  • First quarter deliveries of HondaJet surpass any other jet in its class
  • New shared ownership programme for UK and Europe
  • Sales commence to customers in Southeast Asia


The world’s most advanced light jet – the HondaJet – has set a new speed record for its class that has been recognised by the National Aeronautical Association.

Flying from Miami International Airport to Panama Pacifico Airport on 19 April 2017, the HondaJet completed the trip in 3 hours and 7 minutes against an average headwind of 35 knots (40 mph).

Departing Miami at 14:40 (Eastern Daily Time), the HondaJet quickly climbed to 43,000 feet – higher than any other jet in its class is capable of – to navigate over weather and traffic. It arrived in Panama at 17:47 (EST).

The speed record follows a successful first quarter for the HondaJet, with 15 aircraft delivered – the highest number of any light jet in its class. Production at the company’s North Carolina, U.S., world headquarters continues to ramp up steadily to meet increasing customer demand.

Multiple orders for the HondaJet were recently placed by the FlyHonda, headquartered in the Isle of Man. FlyHonda is a new programme that will offer shared ownership in the UK and Europe for those who wish to turn left or right. The programme joins two other HondaJet operators in Europe: the EATIS flight academy in Strasbourg, France; and the Privateways charter company in Geestland, Germany.

At the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) in Switzerland this weekend, Honda officially announced the start of HondaJet sales in Southeast Asia. The company has partnered with leading aviation provider Thai Aerospace Services (TAS) to provide sales, service and support across the region.

“Following a strong introduction of the HondaJet at the Asian Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition 2017 and significant interest from customers about owning a HondaJet, we are beginning aircraft sales in Southeast Asia,” said Honda Aircraft Company President and CEO Michimasa Fujino. “We see great potential for the HondaJet in Southeast Asia, one of the world’s fastest growing regions.”

Honda also used its presence at EBACE to announce the foundation of HondaJet Argentina, in partnership with Buenos Aires-based Hangar Uno. It will provide sales, service and support for customers in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

The HondaJet is the fastest, highest-flying, quietest, and most fuel-efficient jet in its class. It features an array of technological innovations in aviation design, including the unique Over-The-Wing Engine Mount (OTWEM) configuration that dramatically improves performance and fuel efficiency by reducing aerodynamic drag. The HondaJet is Honda's first commercial aircraft and lives up to the company’s reputation for superior performance, efficiency, quality and value.


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