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Honda News Round Up - September 2016


The next step in Honda’s resurgence: Civic Hatchback and Type R Prototype take centre stage at Paris Motor Show

Following the successful launch of a refreshed automobile range in 2015, Mondial de L’Automobile 2016 has seen Honda unleash its latest salvo of new products for Europe. President and Chief Operating Officer of Honda Motor Europe, Katsushi Inoue, and Senior Vice President, Phillip Ross, unveiled the new Civic Hatchback and Civic Type R Prototype, whilst celebrating a year of strong European sales growth for the Japanese marque.

In 2016, Honda in Europe has posted strong sales growth with an increase of 31% compared to 2015. Making Honda the fastest growing mainstream car brand in Europe.

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Honda NSX brings ‘Hummingbird’ to life

Honda has combined its all-new NSX hybrid supercar with advanced GPS visualisation equipment to recreate one of the world’s most famous geoglyphs – huge artworks that can be viewed in full only from high altitude.

The intricate design incorporates more than 30 hairpin turns, so the NSX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD (Super Handling All-Wheel Drive) technology was crucial to achieving the precision cornering required to recreate the earthwork.

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Honda and Kabuku Inc. unveil 3D Printed Micro Commuter Vehicle at CEATEC

Honda has developed a short range ‘Micro Commuter’ electric vehicle for use by Japanese confectionary maker, Toshimaya. The car is a joint development with Kabuku Inc., and is based on an open innovation model which incorporates the idea of variable design platform.

The vehicle uses a chassis constructed from Honda’s rigid but lightweight pipe frame structure, and 3D printing techniques have been used to create the exterior panels and luggage space. The Micro Commuter is powered by Honda’s Micro EV technology, designed for short-range trips up to approximately 80 km (50 miles) and is used on the MC- β ultra compact EV in Japan.

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Honda S Dream Streamliner sets Bonneville record

A group of young Honda engineers took to the salt flats of Bonneville, Utah to post the fastest speed ever recorded for a Honda vehicle. The goal of the project was very simple: “Achieve world speed record with 660cc engine, taken from the Honda S660.”

The team broke the FIA record with a top speed of 260mph, surpassing the BAR Honda F1 machine which set the record previously in 2006 as the fastest Honda vehicle.

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American Honda report strong September sales ahead of expanding 10th generation Civic range

American Honda continued to dominate the retail market in September while Honda trucks set new sales records. A 1.5 percent increase in total sales provides a positive foundation for the addition of the new 10th generation Civic Hatchback arriving in the US later this month.

“The return of a new Civic Hatchback to the Honda brand adds a fresh dimension to the car lineup” said Jeff Conrad, senior vice president and general manager of American Honda.

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