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A few words from the leader of the development team



The All-New Jazz: Keeping to our award winning principals, but striving to improve in every single design area.


Car development is most often a question of how to prioritise and balance the various qualities the development team wants the car to embody. So for most cars, defining their character is emphasizing a certain set of qualities at the expense of others.


But life is not quite that simple.


You may want to carry a large cargo, a little longer or bigger than expected. You may need to go on a long journey with your family and friends. Or you may just want to go out for a drive to enjoy and relax? Customers tell us they want all of these qualities in a small car.


The current Jazz was born to provide the answer to all the requirements of everyday life including the sudden and unexpected. The result 6 years ago was the Jazz, which gained a following in markets around the world, and thus proved to be a truly universal concept.


The all-new Jazz is quite simply the same concept revisited, raising the bar again to regain the lead in all areas once more. And, to better adapt to quickly changing market conditions, we have worked not only to have current Jazz users come back for more, but also provide people downsizing their car needs, to match with changes in family size or life stage, the perfect answer without asking them to make any sacrifices. This is why the all-new Jazz has grown in size inside and out yet still has the same turning circle kerb-to-kerb. The story is the same for all other aspects of the car too. The all-new Jazz has been designed to provide total value far exceeding the sum of all the improvements we have implemented.


And so, we have been at it again, replacing the usual "ors" by "ands", pushing the outer perimeter of the performance envelope, stretching it out as far as we could. Not just for some or even a few of the performance parameters, but ALL the parameters at once.

To create the ultimate real life all-rounder. All over again.


Kohei Hitomi

Chief Engineer in charge of the new Jazz development







  • New Jazz builds on the qualities of its predecessor
  • Evolutionary development enhances the best features of the previous generation
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