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“Honda experience Casa Connessa Tortona” brings connected lifestyle to Milan Design Week 2019

“Honda experience Casa Connessa Tortona” brings connected lifestyle to Milan Design Week 2019
  • Honda to exhibit for the first time at Milan Design Week 
  • The “Honda experience - Casa Connessa Tortona“ will offer visitors a unique insight into the design concept of the Honda e Prototype, Honda’s first battery electric vehicle for Europe
  • Honda announces furniture curation of Casa Connessa Tortona by Italian-based Danord
  • Photography exhibition inspired by Honda e Prototype design language also announced, featuring acclaimed Italian photographers

Honda opened the doors on its exhibit at Milan Design Week 2019, the first time the brand has had a significant presence at the world’s largest design exhibition. Honda’s e Prototype, fresh from its world premiere at 2019 Geneva Motor Show will be the centrepiece of the “Honda experience - Casa Connessa Tortona“.

“Honda experience - Casa Connessa Tortona“

Based in the Tortona design district of Milan, Honda has used high-end fashion boutique “Alysi - The Garden House” as the base to create its experience.

On entry, visitors are greeted by an immersive visual and auditory experience designed to represent the shift from the urban environment to a calming space. Walking through the entrance into the main space, the Honda e Prototype is presented under a glass roof, leaving the car open to shifting natural light.

At the centre of the venue sits an architectural tree sculpture, created from natural materials. The sculpture acts as a symbol of the seamless link between the outside environment and inside life that inspired the design language of the Honda e Prototype. 

Furniture and photography collaborations

Elsewhere, Honda has worked together with a team of Italian photographers to create an exhibition inspired by the design language of the Honda e Prototype. The team lead by Sara Mautone use projection techniques to display their work.

The environment is completed by a diorama designed to represent the ‘seamless living’ style of the Honda e Prototype interior. Italian furniture company Danord curated pieces for this area. Based close to Modena, founder Francesca Gatti specialises in the curation of furniture in the style of mid-century Scandinavian and modern design alike.

“Honda experience - Casa Connessa Tortona“ is based in zona Tortona, close to Porta Genova train station. The venue will be open from 9-14 April, 10am-9pm.

A special media preview session will take place from 2.30-4.30pm on 9 April, where Honda designers and collaborators will be available for interview. Please contact Nik Pearson +44 (0) 7464 493333 to book interview time.


Editors Notes

Profile: Danord

Danord is born of a need.

The need to create personalized spaces through the combination of sometimes unique items, different periods and backgrounds.

Furniture belonging to the history of Scandinavian design flanked by a careful research of new production objects, which interact with each other in a continuous relationship between the new and the original.

The intent of Francesca Gatti, founder of Danord, is not to reconstruct the tradition but to reinterpret, with the sensitivity of today, that of yesterday.

Danord is an “ideal space”, free from any design scheme and criterion. A place where you can find inspiration to create a tailor-made housing unit, just as you desire.

For Milan Design Week 2019, in collaboration with Honda, Danord will be curating the furniture within our space to demonstrate the main focus of the Honda e prototype – seamless living and a connected lifestyle.


Profile: Sara Mautone (ig: sara_mautone)

Sara Mautone, born in 1991, began working as a photographer in Florence in 2010. Since then, she has worked with magazines, brands and international agencies for editorial and fashion lookbooks: and publications Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, L'Officiel, Mia le journal. She also showcased her works in London in galleries such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, Hoxton Gallery, Habitat platform gallery.

In 2016, she moved to Milan where she currently lives and works. Her style is constantly evolving and does not focus on a single type of artistic language but tries to explore different creative possibilities, moving with ease between editorial and commercial works. On the occasion of the Milan Design Week, Sara together with a collective of five other photographers, will curate exclusively for Honda a photographic exhibition that will represent the six values ​​related to the Honda e Prototype: Simple / Connected / Friendly / Unique / Comfortable / Soulful.

Profile: Claudia Pasanisi

Born in the south of Italy, Claudia studied architecture in Milan before working as a personal assistant to a renowned Italian photographer. While living in London, she collaborated with Sunday Times, British Elle, Esquire, The Guardian Style Magazine and ES Style Magazine. She has been working recently in Milan producing fashion editorials for clients including Glamour, Vanity Fair, Italian Elle, Gioia Magazine, and Drew Editorial. She is continuing to work, meanwhile, on a personal project, The Chidro, recently featured in Dazed.


Profile: Andrea Massari

I was born in Rome, but I’ve spent my childhood in Sao Paulo, Brazil … it was wonderfull!

Here comes two of me… the first one, the painter, is going round and round just to catch everything possible about art and design, charmed by some great creators like Mirò, Matisse, Picasso, Lichtenstein and many others; but the second one is tainted by a lot of great photographers such as Sieff or Avedon that influenced my own creative expression.

Anyway nature, sun and simplicity are most influential elements in my work, ’cause I want to show the side so pure and strange of what I see. Probably at first sight my work could appear to be inspired by different trends or tendencies but this isn’t a treacherous thing, only an apparent dualism.

So, while applying colours to paper nourishes a thick, bright, ironic, generous polymorphism, the photographic eye tends to fix the stream of private, plain, elegant nuances that can in any case reproduce the mutability and warmth of daylight.

I live and work in New York and Milan.


Profile: Peppe Tortora

The search for total vision for the right understanding is impossible. Peppe Tortora is an art, fashion and landscape photographer and director.

He's known for shooting in strictly old school large format. His work is between Naples, Milan, Paris, New York. In addition to photography, he's a multi-instrumental musician. He currently lives in Milan thinking at his first personal exposition in Italy.

Profile: Alessandro Barteletti

Alessandro is a photographer and journalist, and tells the behind the scenes story of social, sports and news events: from the training of Italian soldiers leaving for Iraq in 2004 to the earthquake in Abruzzo in 2009; from the last days of John Paul II in 2005 to the 2008 presidential election in the United States.

In 2017 he followed the training of astronaut Paolo Nespoli for National Geographic Italy. His project "Our man in space" has become the cover story of the July 2017 issue; the cover followed the astronaut in orbit.

Passionate about everything that flies in the sky and runs on the road, over the years he has also specialized in aviation and motor racing, collaborating with the main Italian motoring magazines and creating exclusive services for Ferrari and Aeronautica Militare.


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