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02.Nov.2016 | ID: 82748
Today Honda Aircraft Company announced that its HondaJet has officially set two speed records over two recognised courses from Teterboro, New Jersey to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Boston, Massachusetts to Palm Beach, Florida.
18.Oct.2016 | ID: 81852
Honda Motor Europe today issued its European Environmental Report 2016, summarising the results of Honda’s environmental initiatives in the European region for the fiscal year beginning April 1st 2015 and ending March 31st 2016 (FY2015).
16.Sep.2016 | ID: 78269
Honda of the UK Manufacturing (HUM) has recently become the global production hub for the new Civic hatchback, with the model set to be exported to more than 70 countries around the world, including European markets, North America and Canada.
24.Aug.2016 | ID: 77303
TOKYO, Japan, August 24 – Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has been making a company-wide and all-out effort to resume production at its Kumamoto Factory following the impact of the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake in April. As per the original target to restore the plant by mid-August, Honda is now ready to resume production at Kumamoto Factory.
17.Aug.2016 | ID: 76968
Honda news from Europe and the rest of the world
03.Aug.2016 | ID: 76026
TOKYO, Japan, August 2, 2016 – Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced its consolidated financial results for the fiscal first quarter ended June 30, 2016.
21.Jul.2016 | ID: 75857
Honda R&D Co., Ltd., a wholly owned R&D subsidiary of Honda Motor Co., Ltd., today announced that it will collaborate with SoftBank Crop on a joint research project on application of “emotion engine”, an artificial intelligence (AI) technology that allows mobility products to generate their own emotions. The “emotion engine” allows mobility products to evolve while sharing various experiences with their drivers. The technology has been developed by cocoro SB Corp., a SoftBank Group Company.
13.Jul.2016 | ID: 75764
Honda Aircraft Company announced today that it has earned a Production Certificate from the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Honda Aircraft Company is building the HA-420 HondaJet, an advanced light jet, at its world headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina.
12.Jul.2016 | ID: 75742
The UNI-CUB, Honda’s unique self-balancing personal mobility device, will be featured at Shape: An AT&T Tech Expo, held in San Francisco. The UNI-CUB will be taking part in the Kicker Hackathon at AT&T Park, which will allow software developers from across the globe to compete in developing new software for the UNI-CUB, enabling it to be operated beyond its current scope of operation.
28.Jun.2016 | ID: 74851
TOKYO, Japan, June 27, 2016 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today issued the “Honda SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2016” summarising Honda’s approach to sustainability as well as initiatives Honda has undertaken based on key challenges identified in non-financial areas.