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Honda launches a new cordless handheld range

Honda launches a new cordless handheld range

Honda enters summer with the new range of Cordless Handheld tools, including a hedge trimmer, leaf blower, and new lawn trimmer. The products have been built with consumers in mind, they’re simple and easy to handle and focus on ease of use.


The new cordless products are powered by a battery of either 2.0Ah, 4.0Ah, or 6.0Ah, so the tools can last as long as users require. The Honda Li-ion battery can power any tool in our cordless range, simply switch our efficient battery to another cordless Honda tool or lawnmower to enjoy the constant, unwavering performance in every single part of the garden.


Ease and Simplicity in mind

The new cordless range promises ease of use without compromising on performance. The range has been designed to be user-friendly. The ergonomically designed features include a reduced noise output, a comfortable weight balance and low vibration. The trusted Honda brushless motor means that you get the same powerful operating system with the comfort of knowing it is low maintenance.

Honda launches a new cordless handheld range

The new lawn trimmer is designed for trimming edges, cutting around more trickier garden areas, and can even cut down some larger shrubbery. Featuring a fully adjustable handle to optimise balance, a variable speed trigger, giving users complete control to adjust the speed to their needs, and a folding plant protector to shield plants and flowers when trimming delicate areas of the garden.

Honda launches a new cordless handheld range

The hedge trimmer can be used for pruning and clearing, trimming shrubs, hedges, and bushes. The trimmer features an ergonomic soft grip handle which enables easy tool mobility with less strain on the wrists and arms. The trimmer includes high-quality diamond ground blades made in Switzerland with an anti-blocking system and sawing function, blade-tip protector for safe trimming close to walls, and stall free operation owing to the intelligent auto release.

Honda launches a new cordless handheld range

The cordless blower is the best balance of power and lightweight operation and can be used to remove leaves from lawns, planters or even driveways. The blower blasts out an impressive airflow volume of 780 m³/h. The fully variable speed control ensures ease of use and efficient use of battery capacity.


The Battery Power

The cordless products boast impressive battery power. With the new cordless range comes a new battery, the 2.0Ah battery. It is designed to be lightweight, easy to handle and improves comfort whilst working in smaller gardens. Whilst the 4.0Ah and 6.0Ah are both capable for medium domestic use, the 6.0Ah is intended for larger gardens.


The battery design is robust, lightweight, and features an LED battery state of charge indicator. All cordless batteries feature Thermo Smart battery technology for improved heat dissipation, this provides a longer battery lifetime and enables it to perform for longer work periods.


All of our batteries are compatible with our 8.0Amp fast charger which not only charges but also optimises battery life and performance and has a built-in cooling fan for temperature control. The 8.0Amp charger can fully charge a  4.0Ah battery in approximately 35 minutes. For more information please visit https://www.honda.co.uk/lawn-and-garden/products/cordless/batteryrange/overview.html

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