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Honda announces a new, fully connected Live version of its HRM3000 robotic mower

Honda announces a new, fully connected Live version of its HRM3000 robotic mower


  • Miimo 3000 Live now featuring 3G & 4G technology to access information from anywhere via the Mii-monitor app
  • Miimo 3000 live robotic lawnmowers can now work as a fleet to tackle larger grass areas together
  • Connectivity costs are included for the first six years
  • Keep an eye on your Miimo 3000 Live via GPS tracking and geo-fencing.
  • The HRM3000 Live will be available from Honda’s authorised dealer network from 1st April 2022.


The HRM3000 Live will now feature 3G and 4G connectivity for remote monitoring and control of all HRM3000 features including GPS tracking for peace of mind. For customers with more than one Miimo will also gain fleet management functionality. Connectivity costs are included for the first six years of use, and users can connect from anywhere with an internet connection through the Mii-monitor app.


Monitoring and control

The new Mii-monitor app for the HRM3000 Live is easy to use. The modern intuitive layout indicates operating status by background colour, and the previous and next operating days and times are clearly displayed. A calendar overview makes it easy to check the working schedule. Changes can be made remotely and cutting sessions can be added or cancelled. Settings including the cutting height can also be changed without having to be near the machine. Push-notifications for technical errors, security alerts and maintenance can all be selected and checked. The HRM3000 Live upgrade also allows voice control through Amazon Alexa.


Honda dealers can use the Live connectivity to provide efficient support – from checking and recommending settings to fault diagnosis, potentially saving a customer visit.


My Miimo fleet management

For customers with more than one Miimo HRM3000 Live, the My Miimo dashboard provides convenient monitoring of all the machines simultaneously on one screen. This is especially useful for those using Honda’s unique Multi Miimo system which allows two or more Miimo’s to work together in one continuous area.


GPS tracking

The Live upgrade also adds GPS location information. The mower’s current position can be viewed on the Mii-monitor app, and owners can also create a geo-fenced operating area for increased theft protection. If the HRM3000 Live leaves the location, then the owner receives an immediate warning through a push-notification.


Like the popular HRM3000, the new HRM3000 Live can maintain grass areas up to 4,000m2. Standard features include flexible docking which allows the base to be installed in preferred locations, as well as electric cutting height adjustment between 20–60mm with an optional automatic mode. Bluetooth connection to a smartphone app provides convenient set-up and monitoring, while any HRM3000K1 machine can also be upgraded to include the additional features and benefits of HRM3000 Live models including control through the new Mii-monitor app.


Advantages for all users

Remote monitoring through HRM3000 Live provides reassurance that the mower is in its intended location and performing correctly without needing to travel to the machine, making it a great option for all types of users. With additional options including heavy duty rear wheels and Multi Miimo, it also creates an ideal package for professional use.


Sales advice and service support are available through Honda’s authorised dealer network.

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