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Honda Marine announces summer savings on outboards and inflatables

Honda Marine announces summer savings on outboards and inflatables
  • Almost 100 outboard engines included in Honda summer campaign
  • Savings of up to £2,500 available
  • Engine and Honwave inflatable package deals included with £350 saving
  • Available in Honda Marine dealers from 1st June 2020 to 30th September 2020

Honda UK is launching an extensive savings campaign for Marine products on 1st June 2020. Available in Honda Marine dealers, the preferable prices extend to 21 outboard engine line-ups and 8 Honwave inflatable packages, bringing even more accessibility to life on the water with Honda. Which, given the restrictions on global movement, represents a great new way for domestic holidaymakers to enjoy summer on the water in the UK.

BF175 – BF250

Honda’s four flagship 3.6-litre V6 outboards combine impressive performance and advanced technology. Under campaign, these large-capacity engines are priced from £17,349 (£1,750 off) starting with the BF175. Each step-up in power through the V6 range supplements the saving by a further £250, seeing the range-topping BF250s available from £17,399 with £2,500 off.

The savings on all V6 outboard engines will be available from 1st July 2020.

BF115 – BF150

Honda’s most powerful four-cylinder outboards are now available for less than £12,000. As above, the savings applied increase by £150 with each step up the range. As a result, a £1,150 saving places the BF115 at £11,139, while the BF135s and BF150s are priced at £11,939 and £12,689, respectively.

BF80 – BF100

These engines condense the technology powering their larger four-cylinder relatives into 1.5-litre packages, delivering a blend of performance and economy. £800 off BF80s results in a starting price of £8,859, while £1,000 savings on BF100s means range pricing commences at £8,999.

BF30 - BF60

Incredibly versatile, the three-cylinder engines are often the lightest in their class. BF30s enjoy a £300 saving with a price-entry point of £4,359, whereas the 3 BF40s earn a £400 saving seeing prices start at £5,369 and a larger £500 saving is similarly applied to all 4 BF50s, which start from £6,079. Likewise, you’ll find the trio of BF60s now retailing from £8,199 courtesy of £600 off.

BF15 – BF20

Portable but powerful, these twin-cylinder BFs major in practicality and usability. You’ll find the BF15s starting from £2,359 with £150 off all 8 versions; £200 off the BF20s delivers a range starting price of £2,719.

BF8 – BF10

The BF8 and BF10 bring reliability, efficiency and ease of use to smaller engines. With £80 off, the former can be had from £2,059. For just £100 more, where’ll you’ll find the equivalent in savings, you can have one of the 7 BF10s offered from £2,159.

BF4 – BF6

Low on noise and vibration, yet providing power to charge electronic devices, these BFs focus on comfort and features. There’s up £60 off BF4s, BF5s and BF6s with prices ranging from £1,059 to £1,229.


Environmentally friendly and easy starting, the most junior outboard is priced from £674 with £25 off.

Honwaves: BF2.3 – BF20

Even bigger savings, between £75 and £350, can be leveraged on smaller outboards when purchased as part of a package deal with a Honwave inflatable. Light, portable and perfect for excursions on lakes or at sea, and available in multiple types and sizes, Honwaves are a great way to start boating with the family this summer.

The extra savings granted on all outboards, up to the BF20, when bought with a Honwave inflatable start at £25 on the BF2.3, taking the total package saving value to £75. As expected, larger engines command a bigger overall saving in an engine and inflatable package, with the greatest saving of £350 pinned to the BF20, some £150 more than the saving made when buying the outboard standalone.

The BF2.3, BF4, BF5, BF6, BF8, BF10, BF15 and BF20 are all entitled to the engine and inflatable package.


Steve Morris, Head of Power Products at Honda (UK) comments: “With so many set to holiday at home this summer in the UK, it’s a great opportunity for people to enjoy a new life on the water. Doing so with a Honda engine is now more affordable thanks to the great savings available. Hopefully we’ll see more of our silver outboards powering new marine enthusiasts down waterways nationwide this summer, making the most of the brilliant weather.” 


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