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Honda UK collaborates with Nottingham Trent University to showcase motorcycles to students

Honda UK collaborates with Nottingham Trent University to showcase motorcycles to students
  • Honda UK and Nottingham Trent University setup exhibition to gauge student attitudes towards motorcycles and riding
  • Exhibition comprises cross-section of Honda models on display in the university’s brand new engineering department
  • Rolling road running a CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports DCT provides opportunity for students to “ride” for the first time

Honda UK and Nottingham Trent University joined forces to grasp a greater understanding of younger demographics’ perception of motorcycles and riding. This materialised with a unique five-day-long exhibition, hosted by the university’s new engineering department, which consisted of a product display, Honda representatives and a live rolling-road feature. 

Year-on-year the average age of the rider continues to rise as fewer young people look to PTWs (powered two wheelers) as a mode of transport. To understand this trend, Honda UK and Nottingham Trent University engaged with over 100 students on campus, asking questions around the appeal of motorcycling, barriers to entry and of their general views on the range of display models.

Throughout the event, Honda UK drummed-up interest in the world of two wheels with a static model display that featured a PCX125, Monkey 125, CB125R, CBR650R and a CB1000R. A sixth bike, in the shape of the all-new CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) saw plenty of action on the rolling road as students climbed aboard to ride a motorcycle for the very first time. This experience provided students with an exciting insight into the advanced capabilities of Honda motorcycles in 2020 and how they can be a source of great enjoyment and functionality.

Post-exhibition, Honda UK and Nottingham Trent University will review students’ responses and reception towards the motorcycles at the event. The research will help to form a new approach to encourage younger demographics to consider PTWs as the best transport mode in many cases.

Professor Alex Stedmon, a key figurehead of the project said: “We’re taking a 'user-centred' approach to get first-hand insights from young people about the appeal of motorcycling whilst also exploring any barriers that might keep them away from two wheels. It’s a fascinating piece of work and a great opportunity to link up with a major manufacturer in this way." Professor Stedmon is an independent consultant working closely with Nottingham Trent University, and a world-leading expert in motorcycle rider behaviour.

Speaking on the project Andrew Mineyko, Honda UK Business Planning – Department Manager, said: “As the market leader, we share in the responsibility for encouraging younger people to consider PTWs as a mobility option. In the face of rising transport costs and ever-increasing traffic congestion, motorcycles and scooters can provide an enjoyable, stylish, fuel-efficient and time-efficient alternative to cars and public transport. The Honda School of Motorcycling, which operates nationwide, can see people through their training and licensing, from start to finish, ensuring they emerge with the skills to enjoy life on two wheels!”.

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