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Honda and Kabuku Inc. unveil 3D Printed Micro Commuter Vehicle at CEATEC

Honda and Kabuku Inc. unveil 3D Printed Micro Commuter Vehicle at CEATEC
  • Honda and Kabuku Inc. collaborate to unveil one of the largest products produced in Japan using 3D printing technology based on the idea of Variable Design Platform
  • Features Honda’s Micro EV technology, used on MC-β ultra-compact electric vehicle
  • The Micro Commuter will be used by Japanese Toshimaya Corp. to carry out deliveries of its famous ‘Hato sablé’ ‘(Dove shaped Shortbread)


Honda has developed, a short range ‘Micro Commuter’ electric vehicle for use by Japanese confectionary maker, Toshimaya. The car is a joint development with Kabuku Inc., and is based on an open innovation model which incorporates the idea of variable design platform. The car was unveiled at CEATEC Japan 2016.

The vehicle uses a chassis constructed from Honda’s rigid but lightweight pipe frame structure, and 3D printing techniques have been used to create the exterior panels and luggage space. The Micro Commuter is powered by Honda’s Micro EV technology, designed for short-range trips up to approximately 80 km (50 miles) and is used on the MC- β ultra compact EV in Japan.

This unique car differs from other examples of Honda micro EVs in providing space for a driver only and a generous space to carry deliveries of sweet treats. It will conduct local deliveries of Toshiyama’s most famous product, dove shaped shortbread, ‘Hato sablé’’.

Micro Commuter Vehicle:


Key specifications:




Overall Length


Overall Width


Overall Height


Overall Weight


Maximum output

11 kW (15 DIN hp)

Top Speed

70 km/h (43 mph)

Charging speed

Under 3 hours (using AC200V)

Under 7 hours (using AC100V)



For more information on this collaboration with Kabuku Inc., please follow this link: http://www.kabuku.co.jp/en/news/ceatec-honda-20161003



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