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Rank twelve of Europe’s best CB1000R custom builds on-line

Rank twelve of Europe’s best CB1000R custom builds on-line
  • New ‘HondaCustoms’ page celebrates 12 of Europe’s best CB1000R custom builds
  • Allows users to rank the bikes from 1 to 12, and share their choice via social channels
  • Free wallpaper download of their top bike – for desktop or mobile
  • Available in five languages

The Honda CB1000R, flagship of the Neo Sports Café range, has proven itself to be the perfect canvas for custom builders across Europe.

Honda are revisiting 12 of the continent’s best customised CB1000Rs, first shown last year at the Wheel & Waves festival in Biarritz, with a webpage giving users the chance to chair their own judging panel and ‘drag and drop’ the bikes in their order of preference from one to twelve. Having made their selection, users will be able to share their choice with friends via Facebook™, Twitter™ or WhatsApp™ .

Among the twelve CB1000Rs at www.hondacustoms.com are the Africa Twin-inspired ‘CRF1000 Africa Four’, the Monkey bike homage ‘Monkey Kong’ and the ‘Alfredo’ tribute to classic Freddie Spencer CBs of yesteryear. All twelve certainly merit a close inspection.

The Honda Customs page is available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish and once users have chosen their favourites, they’ll be able to download their number one choice as either a desktop or mobile phone wallpaper.




Further details of the twelve machines can be found here: https://hondanews.eu/eu/en/motorcycles/media/pressreleases/183749/a-dozen-customized-cb1000rs-at-wheels-and-waves-2019

The Honda Custom page address is hondacustoms.com.

The page is available in five languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Language selection is made depending on the user’s keyboard setting. English is the default setting.

The site does not require or request any personal data.

Users can access the site as many times as they like, to download an image of every bike.


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