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Honda Marine bolsters Boat Builder Alliance with launch of Highfield H-Series RIBs and Ranieri 4XC line

Honda Marine bolsters Boat Builder Alliance with launch of Highfield H-Series RIBs and Ranieri 4XC line

Honda Marine has bolstered its Boat Builder Alliance with two new purpose-designed Honda-powered leisure boat ranges. The first, a line of aluminium RIBs, designed and built in partnership with Highfield Boats known as the H-Series and the second, a powerboat line created in collaboration with Ranieri International known as the 4XC range.


Available exclusively through Honda’s authorised marine dealer network, the two new product lines come after a very successful year in which Honda Marine has reinforced its Boat Builder Alliance with the addition of Dutch inland specialist, Maxima. The new 4XC and H-Series ranges are designed to build on this success, partly by generating more transoms for Honda outboard engines, and partly by providing the Honda dealer network with a variety of readymade turnkey packages that are easy for the customer to understand, to buy and to use.


Steve Morris, Head of Power Products at Honda (UK), explains: “Our aim was to make the boat buying process as simple as possible. Though each of the 12 boats has a subtly different application, they all come as ready-to-go packages with the most important features included in the price. As a result, there is really nothing to think about except the style of boat, the length of hull, the size of outboard and the pricing benefits that a more streamlined approach bring.”


As regards the possible long-term practicalities of the move, Steve is equally upbeat: “Both these brands are very well established and growing, both are easy to do business with and both have factories with ample capacity to accommodate the increased production that exclusive Honda-branded packages will require.”


Highfield H-Series RIBs

Developed over the period of a year, alongside established partner, Highfield Boats, the H-Series is designed to make buying and using a family RIB simpler than ever before. But while their design, pricing, fit-out and clarity of purpose makes each new H-Series uniquely accessible, their commercial-grade aluminium construction also makes them strong, lightweight, easy to maintain and safe to use. In addition to being environmentally sound, they’re easy to repair and, courtesy of Highfield’s prolific success over the past eight years, exhaustively proven. As Steve Morris points out: “Whether they’re being rammed up beaches on the Swedish archipelago, cruised among the rocky outcrops of the Italian Riviera or taken out around the coast of Britain, these boats will take a tremendous amount of pounding without the slightest complaint.”


Who are Highfield?

Highfield is the world’s only mass production aluminium RIB builder. The company’s 10,000 square metre manufacturing facility in the port of Weihai on China’s east coast employs 200 people and has delivered 22,000 boats in 38 countries across the world since it opened its doors in 2011. It currently builds 4,200 boats a year but it could readily increase that output to 6,000 per year without any changes to its existing set-up.


Five key Highfield H-Series facts

- Honda and Highfield have been commercial partners in the UK since 2012.

- There are six boats in the new H-Series range from 4.6 to 7.6 metres in length.

- All boats except the entry-level Coaster 53 use established Highfield hulls.

- Honda’s leading six-year leisure warranty will be matched by Highfield on hull, deck, tubes and structure for the H-Series.

- Aluminium brings great strength, durability and ease of maintenance and is an eco-friendly option both in terms of construction and end-of-life recyclability.


The H-Series fleet in focus


Boat 1: Club 46

Specifically designed as a club boat, the Club 46 makes its purpose plain with a single jockey seat, lots of open deck space, generous carrying capacity, large diameter orange tubes and Samson posts fore and aft. The price point is low but it’s a very capable boat and the perfect platform for year-round sailing club duties. Based on the Oceanmaster 46, it can be knocked around, dragged up beaches or bashed into slipways and, with its all-aluminium construction, premium materials and proven quality, the boat will cope with ease.


Steve Harrison, Brand Development Manager at Highfield: “A practical and affordable club boat that will take years of concerted abuse.”


LOA: 4.6m

Beam: 2.1m

Weight: 298 kg (boat only)

Deadrise: 20 degrees

Tube diameter: 0.47m

Power: BF40 or BF50

Fuel capacity: 40 litres

People capacity: 9

Load capacity: 944 kg

Price: From £14,909 (incl VAT) with BF40LRTZ


Boat 2: Coaster 53

The Coaster 53 is all about making family boating truly accessible. To that end, Highfield’s more customary 24-degree hull deadrise has been eased back to just 20 degrees on the Coaster’s new hull, enabling this 5.4m boat to operate at 26 knots with just a Honda BF50 on the transom. That helps take the running costs of this boat into a fresh region of family affordability - and while the fit-out is limited to the base essentials (a console, a driver’s seat, an aft bench and a portable plastic fuel tank), the absence of any real options beyond engine choice brings the on-water package price down to a competitive £18,500.


Steve Harrison: “A no-frills, no-options platform at a great price to get budget-sensitive families out on the water.”


LOA: 5.3m

Beam: 2.45m

Weight: 398KG

Deadrise: 20 degrees

Tube diameter: 0.47m

Power: BF50 or BF80

Fuel capacity: 25 litres (portable)

People capacity: 12

Payload capacity: NA

Price: From £18,500 (incl VAT) with BF50LRTZ


Boat 3: H54

Based on the hull of Highfield’s existing DL540, the H54 is a major upgrade on the Coaster 53. Everything you can’t have on the more affordable entry-level model is included here, with a broad bow step, recessed cleats and nav lights, EVA teak decking and bow step, a superior stand-up console, upgraded seating, a forward sun deck, stern swim platforms and an A-frame as standard. With its deeper 24-degree V, its extra features and its greater power, it is designed to add extra pace, luxury and versatility for those with more substantial budgets.


Steve Harrison: “Family luxury in a compact platform, the H54 is an upgrade on ‘entry-level’ in every way.”


LOA: 5.4m

Beam: 2.38m

Weight: 520 kg (boat only)

Deadrise: 24 degrees

Tube diameter: 0.52m

Power: BF80 or BF100

Fuel capacity: 105 litres

People capacity: 12

Load capacity: 1,188kg

Price: From £27,980 (incl VAT) with BF80XRTU


Boat 4: HX6

The HX6 is the place where the hull form differs dramatically from the smaller H-Series boats. With its 26-degree deadrise, the HX6 inherits a hull from Highfield’s Patrol line, which has been used to great acclaim supporting the Vendee Globe, the Transat and the Rolex Fastnet. The HX6 employs the six-metre offshore hull but it’s built at a price point that brings offshore ability to the family market at around £30,000. Available either with a Honda BF100 or BF150, it features a sun deck, a large stand-up console, flip-up bolster seating, a broad aft bench and huge storage capacity, plus self-bailing decks and a 140-litre fuel tank for extended passages.


Steve Harrison: “A real step up for people who want offshore ability in an accessible family RIB.”


LOA: 6.0m

Beam: 2.46m

Weight: 612 kg (boat only)

Deadrise: 26 degrees

Tube diameter: 0.56-0.4m

Power: BF100 or BF150

Fuel capacity: 140 litres

People capacity: 14

Payload capacity: 1,458 kg

Price: From £32,740 with BF100XRTU



Boat 5: HX66

The HX66 uses the same hull as the HX6 but the additional 60cm generates a bit more volume in the boat, enabling the designers to replace the HX6’s offset console with a central walkaround unit. In the UK, it will take the place of the Patrol 660, a boat that has been one of the most popular in the range because of its soft ride and its seakeeping prowess. It has been repeatedly tested by the Highfield team on trips across the Channel and the Irish Sea – and while the HX66 is fitted out for relaxed family recreation, its capacity to turn its hand to offshore adventure is beyond doubt.


Steve Harrison: “An authentic offshore mile cruncher built upon one of Highfield’s most successful hulls ever.”


LOA: 6.54m

Beam: 2.49m

Weight: 633 kg (boat only)

Deadrise: 26 degrees

Tube diameter: 0.56-0.4m

Power: BF150 or BF200

Fuel capacity: 140 litres

People capacity: 13

Payload capacity: 1,287 kg

Price: From £41,279 (incl VAT) with BF135


Boat 6: HX76

Based on the Sport 760 with input from Sardinian designer, Alessandro Chessa of AKES Design, the flagship HX76 takes Highfield directly into the medium-high-end luxury RIB market. With its large sports console, rear swim platforms and ladders, its wraparound rear bench and its huge forward sun deck, it brings a new option to market, while also enabling Highfield owners to graduate from the smaller models to something larger, more spacious and more versatile. The fact that so many have been pre-ordered in the build-up to the H-Series launch illustrates how keenly it satisfies the needs of existing Highfield owners. Its renowned Offshore Hull enables the owner to maximise their cruising experience both inshore and offshore.


Steve Harrison: “As a luxury RIB and our fleet flagship, it has the space, style and Italian design flair of a market leader with exceptional sea keeping ability”


LOA: 7.6m

Beam: 2.83m

Weight: 875 kg (boat only)

Deadrise: 24 degrees

Tube diameter: 0.56-0.4m

Power: BF200 or BF250

Fuel capacity: 285 litres

People capacity: 12

Payload capacity: 1,430 kg

Price: From £62,151 (incl VAT) with BF200 DXRU







Ranieri 4XC powerboats


While Honda Marine has been working with Ranieri International in continental Europe for many years, the arrival of the 4XC line in Britain represents the start of their UK alliance. Built on the basis of Ranieri’s famously soft-riding hulls, the idea behind the new range is to bring a well-equipped family package to market in either Centre Console or Sun Deck configuration.


Steve Morris explains: “These are well designed boats built with genuine quality and typical Italian styling - and they’re based on exceptional hulls that have seen proven sales success throughout Europe for many years.” But according to Ian Reddish of UK importer, Reddish Marine, versatility is also key: “Ranieri boats are very practical and easy to maintain, with lots of potential applications. You can use them for sunbathing, beaching, waterskiing, snorkelling, fishing, even diving. For the family boater who wants a bit of everything, they really do tick every box.”


Who are Ranieri?

Ranieri was founded in Soverato, southern Italy by Pietro Ranieri in 1966 - and it is still run by the Ranieri family, with the direct involvement of the founder’s sons, Antonio and Salvatore. It specialises in outboard-powered leisure boats from six to 12 metres in length, encompassing a variety of configurations from RIBs and open boats to sundeck models, cabin cruisers and sports fishers. After more than 50 years in business, the vast majority of components are designed and built in-house, enabling the company to keep the fleet fresh and relevant with the addition of five or six new models every year. Today that range comprises 34 models of standard Ranieri, with the addition of the new 4XC line taking the total product count to 40.


Five key Ranieri 4XC facts

- There are six boats in the new 4XC range from 5.8 to 7.3 metres in length.

- The 4XC line aims to introduce a relatively high spec of standard package, while simplifying the options list and streamlining the buying process.

- With quality of build, versatility of application and Italian design flair, Ranieri boats command stronger than average residual values on the used market.

- While the CC models are based on the Voyager boats, the SD models are based on Ranieri’s hugely successful Shadow series.

- The new 4XC craft will be imported through established UK Ranieri dealer, Reddish Marine in Salcombe, Devon and distributed exclusively through the Honda dealer network.


The Ranieri 4XC fleet in focus


Boat 1: H19 CC

Based on the Voyager 19 S, one of Ranieri’s best-selling boats, the new CC model uses a wraparound aft bench with step-through transom to port, plus safe, deepset walkways on both sides of the helm console. It also features a broad bow with C-shaped seating, an infil for a sun lounger and a step-through forepeak for easy beaching. With plenty of accessible deck space, a reversible helm seat, easy-access grab rails and a broad range of engine options, it’s a very appealing family package.


Ian Reddish from Reddish Marine: “It’s a soft ride, with ample internal space and all-round ability.”


LOA: 5.55m

Beam: 2.18m

Weight: 520 kg (boat only)

Power: BF40 - BF100

Fuel capacity: 90 litres

People capacity: 7

Price: From £28,979 (incl VAT) with BF100LRTU


Boat 2: H20 CC

Like the smaller model, the H20 CC uses a relatively acute deadrise and a fine entry to improve ride softness. It also uses a hull step to help optimise efficiency and the result of that is a very seaworthy boat - one that will handle the steep Solent chop with just as much composure as the longer, Med-style swells on which its reputation has been forged.


Ian Reddish: “The same principle as the H19 CC but with more power, more space and even more versatility.”


LOA: 6.05m

Beam: 2.42m

Weight: 780 kg (boat only)

Power: BF115 – BF200

Fuel capacity: 150 litres (portable)

People capacity: 7

Price: From £40,560 (incl VAT) with BF100LU


Boat 3: H22 CC

While its modest weight, capable hull and generous transom rating brings the H22 CC plenty of sporting potential, it is also a very accommodating family platform. As the largest of the 4XC open boats, the extra space is well used in the cockpit to extend the stern bench up the starboard side, creating a more sociable L-shaped seating arrangement. While that enables more people to sit around the table, it also generates extra deck space for active pursuits like fishing.


Ian Reddish: “The performance is there if you want it but it’s equally happy pootling about all day on family picnic duty.”


LOA: 6.5m

Beam: 2.42m

Weight: 900 kg (boat only)

Power: BF135 – BF225

Fuel capacity: 200 litres

People capacity: 8

Price: From £47,266 (incl VAT) with BF200DXRU


Boat 4: H20 SD

The smallest of the Sun Deck variants makes good use of its beam-forward design with a huge sunbathing area at the bow, safely contained by elevated guardrails all round. While the aft cockpit is similar to that of the CC model, the forward layout generates the space to sleep two people in the cuddy cabin or to use the covered bow space as a large storage compartment with plenty of room for a loo.


Ian Reddish: “A seven-man plaything with the convenience of a forward cabin and the flexibility of a 200hp transom.”


LOA: 6.05m

Beam: 2.42m

Weight: 880 kg (boat only)

Power: BF115 – BF200

Fuel capacity: 150 litres

People capacity: 7

Price: From £46,233 (incl VAT) with BF150LU


Boat 5: H22 SD

Despite a modest overall length of just 6.5 metres, the H22 SD complements its sociable five-man cockpit and spacious forward sun deck with a very serviceable cuddy cabin. By making best use of the console mouldings, it provides room not just for a double bed but also for a compact changing area at the foot of the bed, with a loo to starboard and a fridge with worktop to port.


Ian Reddish: “A boat the average family can buy and keep for years without the need to trade in or upsize.”


LOA: 6.5m

Beam: 2.42m

Weight: 1200 kg (boat only)

Power: BF135 – BF225

Fuel capacity: 200 litres

People capacity: 9

Price: From £55,946 (incl VAT) with BF225DXRU


Boat 6: H24 SD

The flagship H42 SD is the ideal partner for Honda’s range-topping 3.6-litre V6 outboards. Equipped with anything from the BF175 to the BF250, it offers space for nine people, alongside very serviceable weekending facilities for a cruising couple. Even so, the aft deck retains great usability with plenty of grab rails, easy movement all the way from the integrated aft swim platforms to the step-through forepeak and a large leaning post at the helm capable of housing a sink and a stove.


Ian Reddish: “A worthy flagship for the 4XC line - as fun for seasoned mariners as it is for novices.”


LOA: 7.15m

Beam: 2.5m

Weight: 1440 kg (boat only)

Power: BF175 - BF250

Fuel capacity: 240 litres

People capacity: 9

Price: From £68,211 (incl VAT) with BF250DXRU



Honda Marine

Honda’s current class-leading range of engines, from the BF2.3 to the BF250, exceeds all European RCD regulations, which are among the most stringent in the world. In addition, the recent integration of Honda’s proprietary engine technologies across its entire mid-range and larger engines further demonstrates its ongoing commitment to the environment.

Honda is firmly committed to safety and as such, is the only manufacturer to offer free RYA Level 2 powerboat training on all of its engines from the BF50 upwards.

Every Honda outboard engine is backed by an industry-leading six-year domestic or two year commercial warranty.

Honda history

The history of Honda outboard engines began in 1964 with the GB30. Although 2-stroke engines dominated the market at the time, Honda's first product was an advanced 4-stroke model. "Watercraft should not pollute the waters they ply.” Honda has always respected this principle of Soichiro Honda in developing the BF series, its cleanest and toughest outboard engine range yet.


Now Honda’s current outboard range includes 21 engines spanning from BF2.3 to the flagship BF250, all of which are backed by an industry-leading six year domestic or two year commercial warranty.


Honda was one of the first companies to incorporate advanced technology in outboard engines, based on technology it developed for automobiles and motorcycles, such as the PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection) system featuring advanced combustion control, VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Life Electronic Control), lean burn control (high air-fuel combustion ratio) and Honda's unique BLAST (Boosted Low Speed Torque) outboard engine technology. Honda outboard engines have achieved an unparalleled level of customer satisfaction around the globe by providing high output and outstanding fuel efficiency. All Honda outboard engine models clear the most stringent exhaust gas emissions regulations, including the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), CARB (California Air Resources Board) and EU RCD (European Union Recreational Craft Directive).

For more information on Honda's range of outboards, inflatables and boat partners, please visit: www.honda.co.uk/marine




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