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04 Apr 2019 ID: 164105

Changing Weather is no Challenge for the Honda Miimo Robotic Mower

 The UK’s traditional unpredictable and changeable weather patterns place additional stress on lawns and garden machinery manufacturer, Honda (UK), believes that its Miimo robotic mower can help ease some of these difficulties.

Firstly, continuous mowing at a height of cut suitable for the prevailing weather conditions will help reduce this stress on lawns. Honda’s Miimo robotic mower has a choice of cut height from 20mm to 60mm enabling it to continue mowing in very dry conditions, plus it’s fully waterproof and will operate effectively in the rain.

Secondly, is to make sure the lawn is getting the nutrients it needs. Here Miimo helps by continuously cutting and leaving the finely micro-shredded cuttings on the grass, this acts as a mulch to provide the roots with essential nutrients and helping retain moisture.

There are three Miimos in the Honda range, the HRM 310, 520 and 3000 and cut lawns ranging in size from 1500 M2 up to an acre and give owners more time to enjoy gardening without worrying about mowing.

Miimo is quiet, allowing it to run at night. It automatically detects obstacles, including children and pets, and will operate on slopes up to 25o and uneven ground. Built-in security means that if the machine is picked up it immediately stops rotation of the cutting blades and sounds an alarm which can only be stopped by inputting a unique pin number.

Prices start at £1,799, for the Miimo 310, £2,399 for the 520 and £2,599 for the range-topping, app enabled Miimo 3000. Visit

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