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Miimo Type R & Fireblade Prototypes Break Cover to Join Honda’s 25th Anniversary Celebrations #Honda25

Miimo Type R & Fireblade Prototypes Break Cover to Join Honda’s 25th Anniversary Celebrations #Honda25

Never one to miss a party, Honda’s robotic lawnmower Miimo has joined Honda’s special year of 25th anniversaries with two Type R and Fireblade-inspired prototypes. These fully functioning, special-editions have been created to celebrate a quarter of a century of Honda’s halo racing marques, Type R and Fireblade.


In trademark Championship White with the revered ‘Red H’ badge front and back, Miimo Type R features a black and white spoiler, black bumpers, and the Type R logo emblazoned down both sides. Miimo Fireblade wears the famous red, white and blue tri-colour paint scheme and the ‘face’ of the iconic super sports bike, topped off with the HRC (Honda Racing Corporation) logo.


Both models were subject to their own custom paint job rather than a vinyl wrap, with graphics made of specialist cast wrapping film applied and sculpted around Miimo 520’s curves. Miimo Type R’s spoiler was the biggest challenge - its complex shape requiring a malleable and waterproof material - with high density foam board chosen due to its ability to be worked when heated and cooled. The centre section was then wrapped in carbon fibre vinyl to match the Type R look.


In a further effort to replicate the finest detail of each model to which the special editions pay homage, Miimo Fireblade features 45 working LED head and taillights, with Miimo Type R using 40, powered by USB power banks. In a final touch on Miimo Type R, 32mm and 25mm stainless steel was used to create a scaled down version of the car’s triple exhaust system.



Introduced to the UK in 2013, Miimo is an autonomous lawn mower perfect for those wanting a beautiful lawn every day, but would rather not or cannot mow it themselves. Self-charging, and powered by a high-performance lithium-ion battery, Miimo navigates the garden through an intelligent combination of controls, timers and real-time sensory feedback, working within a boundary wire installed under the ground or in the grass around the perimeter of the garden. Miimo cuts little and often, with clippings so small that they do not need to be collected and are dispersed into the lawn root system, acting as a natural fertiliser contributing to healthy long-term growth.

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