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ISDE podium for Oldrati and Guarneri as part of Team Italy

ISDE podium for Oldrati and Guarneri as part of Team Italy

At his 10th International Six Days Enduro, Thomas Oldrati (Honda RedMoto World Enduro Team) climbed onto the third step of the podium with Team Italy, alongside fellow CRF rider Davide Guarneri (Honda RedMoto Lunigiana Team).


Racing in the E1 category with his Honda-RedMoto CRF250RX Enduro, Oldrati claimed good finishing positions on all days to take an individual placing of sixth overall.


It was also a good event for Antoine Meo, who raced as part of the Moto Club Lozérien, as he won the C2 class and also the overall club standing too.


Although not in the best physical condition, due to season-long problems with his back, Guarneri and his CRF300RX Enduro machine were one of the ones to beat in the E2 class, with top-four results all week and an amazing second position on Thursday.


The 2019 ISDE in Portugal saw over 500 riders taking part, representing 31 nations from across the continents. The route was about 1,300km long with seven special tests per day.


Throughout the event, the Honda RedMoto World Enduro Team also assisted 14 Honda-RedMoto customers (from Brazil, Mexico, United States, Norway, Bhutan, Japan, Israel and Italy) with its structure and technical staff, renting the CRF250RX Enduro, the CRF300RX Enduro and the CRF450RX Enduro.


Thomas Oldrati

“It’s been a pretty good Six Days. I had some positive results and my good pace helped the Italian team to get the third step of the podium. Thanks to Honda RedMoto World Enduro Team and all the staff for the great job!”


Antoine Meo

“What an ISDE! I go back home not only with a good result, but also with great memories. I’m happy of the Honda-RedMoto CRF450RX Enduro and I want to thank Matteo Boffelli and Honda RedMoto for their support.”


Matteo Boffelli

“I thank all our technical staff: this ISDE was an important challenge for us, as we worked hard both with the Italian team and Honda RedMoto customer service. All the bikes worked well in a long and tough race. Oldrati has done a good job, finishing sixth in a very hard-fought class like E1 and helping Italy to get the third final position. I would like to thank all the customers who have chosen our assistance service. Now we go back home ready to plan with many new features the next season 2020.”


Davide Guarneri

“Honestly, I was not in my best physical shape, but it has been a very positive Six Days even if I debuted with the Honda-RedMoto CRF300RX Enduro. The bike was perfect and I always set good times in a class where the Americans and Australians ruled. I’m also so happy with the third place with the Italian team!”


Gianni Belloni

“Guarneri’s performance in the E2 class with the CRF300RX Enduro has been positive, confirming our commitment with the Italian Federation. This has been an amazing Six Days and I want to thank Davide, the whole team, the technicians, the Federal staff and all the sponsors who supported us.”

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