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Engine data and tracking is now remotely accessible from Honda Marine’s new Marine Monitor app

Engine data and tracking is now remotely accessible from Honda Marine’s new Marine Monitor app

In collaboration with Sentinel Marine Solutions, we designed a Honda specific monitor to track boat and engine data accessible through the accompanying smart phone app and website. Available from Autumn 2022, the security of your boat and engine will never be compromised as you can keep track of your boat’s position at all times.

Engineered to Perform

For your convenience the position of the boat is regularly monitored and can be checked through the app or website.The system, will allow users to log and share their boat trips, and set up geofences around their boat which alerts the user if it leaves the predefined area. Accessing engine data is now remote and easier than ever to access and share.

Marko Pihlar, CEO of Sentinel Marine solutions said “We are delighted to support Honda Marine’s efforts in bringing the connected experience to their loyal customers. This is an important addition to our strong portfolio of OEM customers. Engines being one of the most expensive parts of an outboard boat, the key focus points in the app’s design were enhanced security and simplified engine maintenance. But the potential for a “greener” use of outboards, logged via Honda’s ECOmode is one of the app’s features we are particularly proud of.”

Key features

The default channels included with the single engine subscription are:

  1. Boat Position
  2. Boat Speed
  3. Engine Speed
  4. Battery 1 voltage (Service battery)
  5. Battery 2 voltage (Start Battery)
  6. Engine Alarms
  7. Fuel Level
  8. Total Engine Hours
  9. Engine Temperature
  10. ECOmo
  11. Fuel Flow Rate

The technological breakdown

Compliant with our BF40 to BF250 engines, the Marine monitor connects to the boat’s battery and NMEA 2000® network which reads Honda specific engine data. In the event that a cellular network signal is unavailable the data is stored locally in the monitor unit and then transmitted once network coverage is resumed ensuring no data is lost. If the boat moves out of its pre-defined geo-fenced area an alert is sent to the user and the boat’s position can be tracked. Additionally, a geofence can be automatically set up if the boat has not moved in a certain period of time without the user having to manually do so. If the monitor is disconnected from the boat’s battery, for a limited time an internal battery takes over and enables uninterrupted engine data transfer, ensuring optimal safety measures are in place for your boat.

David Whitehead, Honda Marine and Accessories Product Manager said “We have worked with Sentinel Marine Solutions, experts in marine specific IOT technologies to produce the Honda Marine Monitor. Sentinel provide the best in-class connectivity gateway that uses boat telematics data enabling in-app monitoring and smart notifications. Our customers can now receive the benefits provided by the partnership with Honda Marine and Sentinel Marine.”

Honda Marine’s new monitor ensures peace of mind provided by the upmost security and tracking from wherever you are.

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