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Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) Establishes a New Formula One Base in the UK

Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) Establishes a New Formula One Base in the UK

Honda Racing Corporation has established a new subsidiary, Honda Racing Corporation UK Ltd. (HRC UK) in the UK.

This new company has been founded to primarily perform post-race maintenance and preparation tasks on the Honda built F1 power units (PUs), whilst also operating as a logistics operation for the European region. The establishment of HRC UK will further enhance the effectiveness of Honda’s PU operations, in support of the partnership with Aston Martin Aramco Formula One® Team. In May 2023, Honda and Aston Martin F1 jointly announced they will enter into works partnership so that Honda will supply its F1 PUs compliant with the new F1 regulations which will take effect in the 2026 season.

Following the establishment of the new company in the UK, HRC will start the recruitment of engineers, technicians and staff members for the new company from Spring 2024. For any recruitment enquiries, please contact: HRC-UK@gerrellandhard.co.uk

Editors’ Notes:
This year, Honda is celebrating its 60th anniversary of its first F1 participation. The company is currently providing technical support and marketing cooperation as a team partner to Oracle Red Bull Racing as well as VISA Cash App RB Formula One Team. As part of this technical support, HRC manufactures and supplies PUs along with support for PU operation throughout the season to Red Bull Powertrains (RBPT*). This partnership will continue until the 2025 season.


*RBPT is a Red Bull group company responsible for F1 PU building. They are in charge of production and operation of ESS (Energy Storage System) for current F1 PU.

n  Outline of new company

Name: Honda Racing Corporation UK Ltd. (HRC UK)
Location: UK
President: Koji Watanabe 
Director: Ian Howells, concurrently Executive Vice President, Honda Motor Europe
Business: Maintenance and logistic operation of F1 PUs as well as F1 PR
Date of register: February 28, 2024
Capital Investment: 100% subsidiary of Honda Racing Corporation

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