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  • New permanent and rotating Honda exhibits showcase pioneering technologies, iconic models, and future concepts
  • Latest exhibits arranged by era so visitors can experience ‘the stories of dreams and challenges’ from each period since Honda’s founding
  • Collection spans a wide range of automobiles, motorcycles, and power products, in addition to racing machines and the HondaJet

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced that the Honda Collection Hall, the brand’s curated museum at the Mobility Resort Motegi in Tochigi, Japan, has reopened after undergoing a thorough renovation.

As part of this renewal, the exhibits have now been arranged by era, enabling visitors to experience the ‘stories of dreams and challenges’ Honda has told across its history and allowing them to understand the unique characteristics of each period since the company’s founding.

Descriptive panels that chronicle Honda’s history have now been installed on each floor to help visitors better understand the wide range of Honda products on display – including automobiles, motorcycles, power products, and racing machines.

Starting in the entrance hall, visitors are welcomed by a full-scale mock up model of the HondaJet Elite II, allowing them to explore the interior of the light business jet.

Further immersive opportunities are dotted throughout the museum, with the latest personal mobility concept, UNI-ONE, available for visitors to test ride. Elsewhere, a new, downloadable ‘storytelling’ audio tour has been created, to help share stories of dreams and challenges, while detailed guided tours by knowledgeable museum staff are also available.

Honda first opened the Collection Hall in March 1998 in commemoration of the company’s 50th anniversary and to convey the origin of the company to its customers – with last year marking 25 years of the facility itself.

Lower South Wing: From the founding to about 1970
The era of passion started with Honda’s desire to “provide joy” and “challenge the world with its own technologies”

In the South Wing of the second floor, a story unfolds about Honda dreams and challenges during its formative years. The exhibit introduces stories of the company’s early days, starting with an auxiliary engine for bicycles developed at a small factory in Hamamatsu, before going on to the beginning of the general-purpose engine business, entry into the Isle of Man TT race, the launch of the Super Cub, and the first era of F1*1 participation.

Lower North Wing: From the 1970s to about 1985
The era when the challenges Honda took on during the founding period flourished, and new generations of Honda associates who inherited Soichiro Honda’s passion and spirit played active roles

In the North Wing of the second floor, the exhibit showcases several products and racing machines that represent the next era of Honda; when it made a full-fledged entry into the automobile business and simultaneously took on another challenge in F1 racing, winning multiple races. Key items on display are the first generation Civic, CVCC engine, race machines that competed in the FIM*2 Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix (MotoGP) and the second era of Honda’s F1 participation*3.

Upper South Wing: From 1985 to about 2000
The era when Honda created new value by building on the dreams and passion of each and every Honda associate

In the South Wing of the third floor, the exhibit tells the story of the behind-the-scenes challenges Honda took on to overcome obstacles and bounce back from adversity. An era when Honda created several new products, including the stories behind the development of key models such as the Legend, Honda’s first large-sized sedan, and NSX, the next-generation sportscar.

Upper North Wing: From the 2000s to the present
The era when Honda evolved into new areas and pursued its dreams while maintaining the same passion held since its founding

In the North Wing of the third floor, the exhibit brings the latest stories of the challenges Honda is facing as it looks to create new value for customers, including the research and development of robotics technologies, including the ASIMO humanoid robot, and the entry into the world of aviation. Visitors can witness the challenges the company is currently taking on to expand mobility and pursue the same dreams and passions it always has.

Garage Collection (special exhibits)
In addition to the permanent exhibits, three times a year, under the title of ‘Garage Collection,’ additional collections will be brought out from storage and exhibited in the hallway areas on the upper and lower wings.

To commemorate the re-opening of the Honda Collection Hall, a special exhibit titled ‘CB History-Part 1’ is showcasing the CB series motorcycles and will run to the end of June.

This will be replaced by a feature exhibit of race replicas entitled ‘NSR250R: The Pedigree of Works Racers’ that documents the motorcycle racer replica boom that began in the 1980s and puts a spotlight on models with a two-stroke engine. The entire collection of NS and NSR series models owned by the Honda Collection Hall will be on display.

Finally, in October a special feature will celebrate 50 years of the Gold Wing motorcycle, the 25th anniversary of the open-top S2000 sports car, and a further featured exhibit of open-top models.

Overview of the Honda Collection Hall

Location: Mobility Resort Motegi
Business hours: 10:00 am to 4:30 pm (subject to change by season)


*1 FIA Formula One World Championship / FIA: Fédération Internationale de lʼAutomobile
*2 FIM Grand Prix World Championship/ FIM:Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme
*3 The era Honda participated in F1 as an engine supplier, from 1983 through 1992.


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