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  • Honda LogR app is available exclusively for latest iteration of iconic hot hatch
  • Available to download from the App Store and Google Play now
  • Real-time telemetry provides data and analysis for both track and road driving
  • Logged data is accessed in-car or via new LogR smartphone app


Honda is debuting its powerful new data logger in the updated 2020 Civic Type R, providing owners with unparalleled insight to help enhance their driving performance. Available to download from App Stores now, the Honda LogR app pairs drivers’ smartphones with the car’s onboard computer and sensors, delivering in-depth analysis that encourages a smoother, more effective driving style both on track and on the road.


Available exclusively on 2020 Civic Type R GT and Sport Line models, Honda LogR features three main functions: Performance Monitor; Log Mode; and Auto Score Mode. When connected to the LogR smartphone app, every element of the Type R’s performance is tracked, with key information delivered in real time to the in-car touchscreen display and logged for future performance benchmarking.


Performance Monitor information includes gear position, coolant and oil temperatures, oil and atmospheric pressures, engine intake air temperatures and current drive mode (Comfort, Sport or +R). Drivers can also choose between ‘G-Meter view’ that indicates acceleration, braking, and cornering on a ‘bowl’ graph, or a live 3D motion-graphic depicting the car’s behaviour in pitch, roll and yaw.


Log Mode uses 15 data points captured by the car’s internal sensors to help drivers achieve their best possible on-track lap times. Data parameters collected include acceleration, braking and cornering g-forces, which is combined with GPS location mapping to provide a comprehensive lap overview. A colour-coded lap trace demonstrates where improvements in driving inputs can be made, to encourage smooth, controlled driving and to help shave seconds off lap times. The GPS locator can also be used to set start and finish line markers for timed laps, with drivers able to save all data for comparing with future laps.


The Auto Score function operates whenever the Honda LogR app is running, tracking and logging inputs in four key performance areas: acceleration, deceleration, turning and straight-line driving. A score for each of the inputs is generated by benchmarking the user’s driving against the Honda R&D database-derived algorithm built into the app, helping to determine where improvements can be made. Drivers can also delve into previous journeys to assess how their driving style has improved over time. This mode is designed to encourage improvements in routine daily driving, rather than faster lap times.


By accessing the Type R's onboard computer, Honda LogR delivers analysis in far greater detail than third-party performance logging apps. While driving, all interaction with Honda LogR is presented on the central touchscreen. For safety, full detailed analysis from Log Mode and Auto Score, including performance traces and replays using Google Maps, is only accessible through the smartphone app when the car is stationary.


Honda further enhanced the appeal of the multi-award-winning Civic Type R range with a host of updates and the introduction of two new variants for 2020: Limited Edition and Sport Line. Building on the dynamic performance capabilities of the standard Type R GT, the new models each offer a different style and performance proposition, further broadening the appeal of Honda's award-winning hatchback. Visit https://www.honda.co.uk/ to discover all the new updates to the 2020 Type R range.



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