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NEW lawn mower HRX 476 & HRX 537

NEW lawn mower HRX 476 & HRX 537
  • New engines offer improved efficiency and easier starting
  • New transmission option for popular 47cm mowers

Honda’s premium HRX lawn mower range has been updated with new engines and additional features to increase user convenience.

The latest 4-stroke engines provide class-leading power and torque and an enhanced combustion process improves fuel efficiency, reducing environmental impact and running costs, and ensuring easy starting even after winter storage.

Automatic choke is standard with accurate temperature sensing for even better trouble-free starting than before, whether hot or cold.

User servicing is improved including tool-free air filter replacement and a more accessible spark plug, plus easier oil filling and draining. The petrol tank filler cap is more than twice as large as on previous models, making it easier to refuel.

HRX537 53cm wheel-driven mowers gain additional power and efficiency as a brand new GCV200 engine replaces the previous GCV190 power unit. Models include the HRX537VKE, HRX537VYE, HRX537HYE and the HRX537HZE with electric start.

HRX476 47cm mowers gain a new GCV170 engine, replacing the previous GCV160, and two of the wheel-driven models also gain Select Drive transmission previously available only on larger 53cm machines.

Select Drive transmission allows users to select and maintain any travel speed to suit the working conditions and operator preference using a rotary dial on the drive control handle. After stopping or turning the user has only to depress the drive handle and the chosen speed is resumed. Select Drive has proved popular and reliable since it became available on larger HRX537 53cm mowers and extending its availability to the 47cm machines allows those with a smaller mowing area to enjoy the same benefits.

Select Drive replaces previous Smart Drive on the latest HRX476VKE and HRX476VYE wheel-driven models, complementing the HRX476HYE with infinitely variable hydrostatic transmission, which remains available.

Honda’s premium HRX mower range includes models from 42–53cm cutting width, all powered by dependable, clean and efficient 4-stroke petrol engines. Versions include push or self-propelled, wheel or roller drive, and user-friendly features available include electric start, Roto-stop blade clutch, single or variable speed and Versamow – allowing selectable mulching, collecting or a combination of both.

All the updated models are easily recognised by new HRX family styling, which is attractive and practical and provides easy access for cleaning and maintenance by users and dealers.

For more information about Honda’s Lawn and Garden machinery range, visit www.honda.co.ukor your local main dealer.



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