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Honda have launched their new EU32i generator that offers immense power in the most consumer-friendly package they have ever created.

With multiple features, that will see this advanced machine dominate the 3kVA class generator market, Honda have combined an easy-to-use interface, a notably lighter body weight and a high output engine to deliver a generator that can be picked-up and used to power multiple units simultaneously in professional and consumer environments.

The world’s first ‘high-output’ generator

Typically found in cars and powerboats, Honda are the very first to put a high-output, engine into a portable, fuel-injected generator. An impressive 3,200 watts of power, and the continuous performance that has been effective in the automotive and marine industry for years, can now be relied upon remotely, in blackouts and at professional events. 

Easy to move. Simple to start

At 26.5kg, this very latest model has come a long way from the previous EU30i which was fixed to a trolley for transportation. You can pick up the EU32i and position it exactly where you need it. This ease of use extends to the start functionality too, with the ability to start in just 2 steps. Honda have simplified the operating interface to get you going in an instant.

Powerfully efficient

Honda have proven that even engines with a huge amount of power, can still be remarkably efficient, in fact this high-performance engine delivers emissions that comply to several future EU regulations. The EU32i comes with an Eco throttle that allows the generator to automatically adjust engine speed to produce only the specific amount of power needed for the application in use. It’s also the first generator of its kind, to include built-in fuel-injection to optimise fuel for engine temperature and power needs to maximise burn and minimise emissions.

Cleverly designed interface

The front panel of the EU32i generator has been designed for easy use, with every element clearly visible, from the on/off settings and status-lights to the Eco throttle and circuit breakers.

A design that’s uniquely Honda

A generator like no other, every part of the EU32i’s exterior has been considered with the same level of detail as the engine inside. Designed to match modern design styles echoed across the Honda range, the angular shaping is bold and iconic, a true representation of the intelligence and uniqueness it promises to deliver.

Intuitive app control

The generator can be paired with the iOS or Android smartphone dedicated app that uses Bluetooth connectivity to send key service information and maintenance alerts to users. You can access output power, check the fuel gauge to see if levels are running low and even activate a remote stop if needed.

This intelligent generator will also ensure you are notified with operating warnings and allow you to contact your dealer directly from the app should assistance be needed. With the capability to swap between multiple generators, you can name each power source connected to the app and monitor several machines simultaneously.

From camping to construction sites

This powerful, lightweight generator allows professional photographers, construction workers and event organisers to place their trust in a high-output power source that they can transport themselves and run seamlessly from an app. This generator is also ideal for consumers seeking reliable long-lasting power for their summerhouse or caravan, or a highly dependable supply in case of a natural disaster or reoccurring blackouts. A generator designed, like all Honda industrial products, with real life in mind.


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