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Honda has added a new cordless, self-propelled mower to its premium HRX series, combining a smart, modern appearance with excellent cutting and collecting performance

Honda has added a new cordless, self-propelled mower to its premium HRX series, combining a smart, modern appearance with excellent cutting and collecting performance

The new HRX476 XB has a 47cm cutting width and a high performance 1.8kW battery-powered motor. A new bespoke deck and low friction blade make the most of the power available, contributing to extended operating times between charges and great results - even when cutting long or damp grass.


Premium Interface

Mower operation is through a new Premium Interface which is conveniently mounted on the handlebar. With Select Drive the blade and variable-speed wheel drive are engaged by separate levers which are ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use. Travel speeds between 0–1.3 m/sec are available to suit the user and conditions, which allows a speed to be set and stored for cruise-like control.

Additional functions include a battery charge level indicator so the user can check the remaining capacity at a glance, and a Quiet-Mode selector button.


Quiet operation

Quiet-Mode reduces the blade speed from 2,600 to 2,200 rpm, with a significant reduction in operating noise from 92 dB in Standard to 87 dB in Quiet-Mode. The high-performance brushless motor achieves similar torque operating in Quiet-Mode as it does in standard setting, and in normal working conditions there is little difference in cutting and collecting performance. However, for heavier conditions including damp or long grass, Standard Mode is recommended.


Variable mulching

The HRX476 XB also has Honda’s unique Versamow™ variable mulching system. A convenient deck-mounted selector allows users to easily switch between mulching and collecting grass or achieve a combination of the two. Equipped with a large 69-litre grass bag, and the powerful filling action makes the most of the capacity even in challenging conditions.


Practical and convenient

Cutting height is easily adjusted using a single, deck-mounted lever between 25mm and 79mm.

Battery capacities of 6Ah and 9Ah are available, allowing users to select the size to suit their lawn area and situation, and Honda’s rapid charger will fully charge the 6Ah battery in less than one hour. Honda’s Universal Battery System allows batteries to be shared between compatible products, adding convenience, and reducing cost of ownership.  


The new HRX476 XB achieves best-in-class cutting and collecting performance, and will appeal to customers needing a durable, quiet, and environmentally friendly mower for domestic and professional use. The attractive but functional styling is easy to look after and keep smart.


Sales advice and service support are available through Honda’s authorised dealer network.



Cutter deck size (cm)


Cutter deck material


Power (KW)



2600 (Standard) / 2200 (Quiet-Mode)


Variable Select Drive

Driving speed (m/s)

0 - 1.3



Blade brake clutch (Roto- stop)


Mulching (Versamow-selective/variable)


Mulching kit


Positions & cutting height adjustment (mm)

7 (25-79)

Height adjustment points


Rear roller


Grass bag capacity (l)


Guaranteed sound level dB(A)*

92 (Standard) / 87 (Quiet-Mode)

Dry weight (kg)


Dimensions (L x W x H (mm))

1580 x 530 x 995


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