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Team HRC wins first FIM E-Xplorer event in Osaka

Team HRC wins first FIM E-Xplorer event in Osaka

The city of Osaka was the scene of electrifying thrills as the second season of the FIM E-Xplorer kicked off, marking the start of the five-venue electric motorbike world cup. The competition has seen impressive year-on-year growth, establishing itself as a benchmark for innovation and excitement in the world of sustainable racing.

The day began with an intense morning of pre-race practice, where the teams fine-tuned their strategies and fine-tuned the final details in preparation for the competition. The Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) team, led by Tosha Schareina and Francesca Nocera, showed a high level of performance as they both qualified in second position during qualifying.

Excitement at the event was heightened by the distinguished presence of the Governor of Osaka, who shared the enthusiasm of the fans and showed his support for electric motorbike racing, highlighting the region’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in the sport.

The real test came at 13:00 when the race, which was made up of three heats, began.

At the first start of the heats, both Team HRC riders suffered a fall, facing the challenge of getting up and recovering in the midst of the intense competition. Despite this setback, Team HRC showed that they do not give up in the face of adversity and were finally able to take the team victory in Japan, home of HRC.

In the overall men’s standings, Tosha Schareina took an outstanding second place, establishing himself as a formidable competitor on the track. Francesca Nocera, despite the crash, also secured second place in the women’s classification, underlining the strength and skill of the Italian rider.

“Today was a day full of ups and downs, but we managed to overcome the challenges and take the team victory. I am incredibly proud of the effort of the whole HRC team,” commented Tosha Schareina after the race.

The second season of the FIM E-Xplorer has begun with an explosion of excitement and exceptional displays of on-track prowess. This exciting start in Osaka promises even more intense competition in the upcoming championship venues.


Ruben Faria

We reached the end of the first round in Osaka, Japan. It has been very interesting, a project that we have been working on for a short time and we have been evolving day by day. It has been a tough start with the crashes of both riders in the first round but they have fought until the end. Thinking about the next event in Norway.


Tosha Schareina

It was very tough and quite different to what I'm used to, but I think the team did a great job during these days and in the end we got the team victory.


Francesca Nocera

Thanks to HRC for the confidence, this bike has been improving day by day despite the few days we have had to test it, but I am very happy with the result and with the incredible work of the whole team.

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