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17.Aug.2016 | ID: 76968
Honda news from Europe and the rest of the world
21.Jul.2016 | ID: 75857
Honda R&D Co., Ltd., a wholly owned R&D subsidiary of Honda Motor Co., Ltd., today announced that it will collaborate with SoftBank Crop on a joint research project on application of “emotion engine”, an artificial intelligence (AI) technology that allows mobility products to generate their own emotions. The “emotion engine” allows mobility products to evolve while sharing various experiences with their drivers. The technology has been developed by cocoro SB Corp., a SoftBank Group Company.
12.Jul.2016 | ID: 75742
The UNI-CUB, Honda’s unique self-balancing personal mobility device, will be featured at Shape: An AT&T Tech Expo, held in San Francisco. The UNI-CUB will be taking part in the Kicker Hackathon at AT&T Park, which will allow software developers from across the globe to compete in developing new software for the UNI-CUB, enabling it to be operated beyond its current scope of operation.
21.Jul.2015 | ID: 58324
Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced plans to begin lease sales of the Honda Walking Assist Device, an assistive device for use in rehabilitation of walking, to hospitals and rehabilitation facilities throughout Japan. Lease sales are scheduled to begin in November 2015.
27.Apr.2015 | ID: 54706
Honda's personal mobility device, UNI-CUB β, will make appearances at the Japan Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 (to be held from May 1 through October 31, 2015).
17.Apr.2015 | ID: 54563
All-new ASIMO made its debut in Denmark last week, but rather than wave goodbye the robot extended its stay, performing a number of public demonstrations at Experimentarium City, a world-renowned centre for science, technology, environment and health in Copenhagen.
13.Apr.2015 | ID: 54522
All-New ASIMO made its first ever trip to Denmark last week. The latest generation of Honda’s advanced humanoid robot was invited to the Scandinavian country by the President’s Institute to attend the 2015 edition of its prestigious Copenhagen Summits.
11.Nov.2014 | ID: 4132
Ever wonder what ASIMO, the world’s most advanced humanoid robot, would do with a day off in one of the world’s biggest cities?   Well, in a new video released today, All-New ASIMO, the latest gener
10.Nov.2014 | ID: 4131
All-New ASIMO made its debut appearance in the Czech Republic last week. It was invited to the Bohemian city of Plzen, in the western region of the country, to celebrate the first anniversary of the f
28.Oct.2014 | ID: 4096
The All-New ASIMO continued its debut tour of the UK this week by visiting Honda’s two main facilities in the country.   The robot’s first stop was the headquarters of Honda Motor Europe and Honda U