12.Jul.2016 | ID: 75742

Honda challenges developers to a UNI-CUB hackathon at Shape: An AT&T Tech Expo

Honda challenges developers to a UNI-CUB hackathon at Shape: An AT&T Tech Expo

  • Software developers have a chance of developing new functionality for Honda’s UNI-CUB personal mobility device
  • Developers have 24 hours to conceive their ideas
  • Honda will be making its Robot Operating System compatible API available to developers during Hackathon


The UNI-CUB, Honda’s unique self-balancing personal mobility device, will be featured at Shape: An AT&T Tech Expo, held in San Francisco. The UNI-CUB will be taking part in the Kicker Hackathon at AT&T Park, which will allow software developers from across the globe to compete in developing new software for the UNI-CUB, enabling it to be operated beyond its current scope of operation.

The UNI-CUB currently allows the rider to control the speed and movement of the unit whilst seated by simply shifting their weight. Developers will use a special version of the UNI-CUB which is modified with Honda’s Robot Operating System compatible API. Developers will have the chance to create software to allow the UNI-CUB to be operated remotely, either via a smartphone or other devices, further expanding the device’s functionality.

The Hackathon will allow developers just 24 hours to conceive their new ideas for the UNI-CUB, with the top 20 teams pitching their ideas live before a panel of judges.


The UNI-CUB is a personal mobility device designed for harmony with people that features the world's first omni-directional driving wheel system (Honda Omni Traction Drive System) and provides freedom of movement going forward, backward, side-to-side and diagonally by shifting body weight. The UNI-CUB features a compact size, a comfortable saddle, Honda's proprietary balance control technology and the omni-directional driving wheel system that makes possible the same freedom of movement that people enjoy when walking. The balance control technology of UNI-CUB is part of the Honda Robotics family of technologies, which originates with Honda's research into humanoid robots, including ASIMO. UNI-CUB also gained recognition from its featured appearance in a video by alternative rock band OK! Go for the song "I Won't Let You Down" in 2014: http://iwontletyoudown.com/#


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