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Honda commences Japanese sales of Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

Honda commences Japanese sales of Honda Clarity Fuel Cell
  • Honda begins sales of next generation fuel cell vehicle, Clarity Fuel Cell in Japan
  • Clarity Fuel Cell to be leased to local governments and authorities in Japan
  • Initial Japanese sales plan to be around 200 units a year, initially produced at Honda’s Tochigi facility


Following the Clarity Fuel Cell’s European debut at the Geneva Motor Show earlier in March, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today began sales in Japan of its all-new fuel cell vehicle.


For the first year of the Clarity Fuel Cell launch in Japan, Honda will focus on lease sales mainly to local government bodies or businesses Honda has already been working with for the popularisation of FCVs. During this period, Honda will collect information about the in-market use of the Clarity Fuel Cell and gather diverse opinions and requests from customers and other relevant organisations, and then later begin sales to individual customers.


Honda will begin with small-volume production at the Production Supervisory Unit and Powertrain Production Supervisory Unit (located in Takanezawa-machi, Shioya-gun, Tochigi, Japan.), eventually expanding production volume as demand grows. In Europe, the Clarity Fuel Cell will be available in limited numbers through the HyFIVE project in UK and Denmark from September 2016. This first step towards commercialisation of the technology in Europe will provide valuable data on real-world customer usage and expectations.

Sales plan (in Japan, first year): Approximately 200 units

 Key Specifications

Number of occupants




Max. output

130 kW/4,501-9,028 rpm [Max rpm: 13,000 rpm]

Max. torque

300 N・m/0-3,500 rpm


AC synchronous motor

Fuel cell stack

Max. output

103 kW


Polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEFC)

Drive battery


Lithium-ion battery


Fuel type

compressed hydrogen

Tank capacity

141 L (front: 24 L/ rear: 117 L)

Nominal pressure

70 MPa

Vehicle size (length x width x height)

4,915 mm x 1,875 mm x 1,480 mm

Vehicle weight

1,890 kg

Price including consumption tax*6 (for reference)

7,660,000 yen

○Body color (total 3 colors)

‐Premium Brilliant Garnet Metallic (Roof color: Black / Interior color: Platinum Gray)

‐White Orchid Pearl (Roof color: Black / Interior color: Platinum Gray)

‐Crystal Black Pearl (Interior color: Platinum Gray)



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