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Honda signs agreement with SNAM for recycling of batteries from hybrid vehicles in Europe

Honda signs agreement with SNAM for recycling of batteries from hybrid vehicles in Europe

September, 4th 2013




Press Release



Honda signs agreement with SNAM for recycling of batteries from hybrid vehicles in Europe



Today, HONDA MOTOR EUROPE LTD. Director of Customer Division and Senior Vice President, Mr. Koji Arai and SNAM President, Mr. Eric NOTTEZ, formalised the long-term partnership between the two companies at Honda’s European Headquarters in Slough, United Kingdom. SNAM (Société Nouvelle d’Affinage des Métaux), based in France, will be responsible for the European-wide take back and recycling of Honda’s hybrid vehicle batteries (high voltage industrial batteries Nickel Metal Hydrid NiMH and Lithium Ion).


Honda Motor Europe and SNAM have worked together to establish a European scheme to ensure the traceability of end-of-life batteries from the moment they are collected from Honda-dealers and end-of-life vehicles centres through to the moment they  are recycled.

Every battery that is collected at the end of its life will be processed at SNAM’s facilities in St. Quentin-Fallavier (Isère) and Viviez (Aveyron).



Each collection point within the Honda network will work closely with SNAM to manage the treatement of NiMH and Li-Ion batteries in accordance with European environmental standards.The take back and treatment of industrial batteries in Europe is regulated by the EU Battery Directive 2006/66/EC which came into force on September 26, 2006, requiring Member States to transpose into national legislation within two years. Although the Directive specifies no particular collection targets for industrial batteries, recycling efficiency targets must reach a weight minimum of 50% as of September, 2011.



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Société Nouvelle d’Affinage des Métaux (SNAM) :

About Société Nouvelle d’Affinage des Métaux (SNAM):

SNAM was formed as an offshoot of the metallurgical industry in 1981, and from the 1990s has established itself as a major player into the “loop economy”. SNAM’s wealth of experience and renowned expertise make it one of few companies in the world to have mastered the techniques for processing batteries and accumulators. A subsidiary of the Floridienne Group (chemistry division), SNAM is a company enjoying continuous growth: European environmental 14001 Certification; acquisition of specialised subsidiaries (sorting of mixed batteries, galvanisation processes, etc). For more information, visit www.snam.com




Mr Frédéric Salin

Directeur Marketing

T +33 5 65 43 77 30

F + 33 5 65 43 03 95

Email : frederic.salin@snam.com


Mr Eric Nottez


T +33 5 65 43 77 30

F + 33 5 65 43 03 95

Email : info@snam.com


Honda Motor Europe (HME) :


Honda Motor Europe Ltd. Honda designs, manufactures and markets automobiles, motorcycles and power products worldwide. A global leader in powertrain and electromotive technologies, Honda produces more than 25 million engines annually for its three product lines. Honda Motor Europe has responsibility for supporting and strategically coordinating all of Honda’s European business activities, including production, sales, marketing and customer support for automobile motorcycle and power equipment operations.


For any further information, please contact :



Julien Van Damme

European Environment and Safety Planning Office (EESPO)


Honda Motor Europe Ltd Belgian Branch

p/a Honda Motor Europe Ltd - Gent Office

Imsakkerlaan 2

B-9000 Gent - Belgium

tel : + 32 9 2501 343


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