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18.Oct.2016 | ID: 81852
Honda Motor Europe today issued its European Environmental Report 2016, summarising the results of Honda’s environmental initiatives in the European region for the fiscal year beginning April 1st 2015 and ending March 31st 2016 (FY2015).
01.Jul.2015 | ID: 57136
Toyota Motor Corporation, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., and Honda Motor Co., Ltd. have agreed on key details regarding a new joint support project for the development of hydrogen station infrastructure in Japan. In addition to partially covering the operating costs of hydrogen stations, the three automakers have also agreed to help infrastructure companies deliver the best possible customer service and create a convenient, hassle-free refuelling network for owners of fuel cell vehicles (FCVs).
27.Nov.2014 | ID: 4170
25 November 2014     Honda Begins Operation of the First Wind Farm by an Automaker in Brazil  - Generating Renewable Energy to Cover Current Electricity Needs for Annual Local Automobile Product
15.Oct.2014 | ID: 4075
TOKYO, Japan, October 15, 2014 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced that it has earned a perfect climate disclosure score of 100 in the CDP Global 500 Climate Change Report 2014, which analyzes the initi
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18.Oct.2016 | ID: 81859
Honda European Environmental Report 2016
27.Nov.2014 | ID: 33183
Environment, Energy
Honda Begins Operation of the First Wind Farm in Brazil
21.May.2014 | ID: 30714
Environment, Technology
Demonstration Test House
04.Apr.2014 | ID: 30455
Environment, Technology, Clarity
Honda joins €38.4m (£31m) Pan-European project to develop hydrogen cars
20.Nov.2013 | ID: 27653
Environment, Technology
FCEV Still Front Quarter
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10.Dec.2012 | ID: 33946
Honda FCX Clarity - Fuelling The Future
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